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Equaliseur graphique FCS960 BSS 2 x 30 bandes.



The graphic equaliser shall have two channels each having thirty boost/cut faders to control filters at standard third-octave isocentre frequencies from 25Hz to 20kHZ. Each fader shall have a 45 mm travel with a mechanical centre detent and electrical centre tap which removes its filter from the signal path at the zero fader setting. A Mode switch on each channel shall allow its filters to be configured with a Normal Q-factor or Fine Q-factor. In both Modes, the Q-factor of each filter shall be constant for any fader level setting.

Each channel shall have a Hi-Pass filter (18dB/Oct) variable between 20Hz-25OHz with independent bypass switch, Output Gain trim with LED Clip indicator and an EQ IN/OUT switch which defaults to a passive relay bypass in OUT mode. The relay bypass shall also operate automatically in case of power failure.

System performance shall meet or exceed the following specifications: THD @ +4dBu <0.005%; 20-20kHz faders flat; Output Noise <-90dBu 22 -22kHz faders flat. Maximum boost/cut shall be nominally +/- 10dB.

Inputs shall be electronically balanced (transformers optional), outputs shall be electronically balanced and floating (transformers optional). A Tamperproof Security Cover shall be available as an option. The graphic equaliser shall be 3U (5_"), 19" rackmount and capable of operating from a 90-120V or 190-250V AC power source.

The graphic equaliser shall be the BSS FCS-960.

Chassis3U rack spaces
Input ConnectorsXLR (2)
Output ConnectorsXLR (2)
EQ Bands30 per channel (60 total)
Filter Width (Q)Constant-Q
EQ Gain- inf to +10dB
Metering+18dBu Peak Indicator (LED)
Bypass Switchyes

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