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Blackbox S1

BlackBox S-1

Transmetteur DMX HF Wireless Solution



DMX Interface : Transceivers on bus: 32 (max) Data rate: 250 kbps (max) ESD protection*: ±15 kV

AC input : 90-250VAC 50/60Hz 1A at 115VAC (max) 0,5A at 230VAC (max)

DC input : 12VDC 1,5A (max)

RF characteristics

Output power: 20 25** dBm 100 300** mW

Frequency range: 2402 to 2479 MHz

Channel bandwidth: 1 Sensitivity at 0.1%

BER: -95dBm

* Slewrate limited for minimum of EMI in unter- minated networks.

**Only in FCC output power mode. 

50,00 € HT