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Découpe 4SOURCE

Découpe 4SOURCE

Projecteur découpe ETC 750W 15° / 30°



  • Rugged, die-cast and extruded aluminum construction

  • Patented one-handed focus mechanism with positive lock

  • Rotating shutter assembly ±25 ̊

  • 20-gauge stainless steel shutters in a tri-plane assembly

  • Lens-tube door provides easy access for lens cleaning

  • Scale markings for field-angle and focus settings

  • Thermally insulated rear handle

  • High-impact, thermally insulated knobs and shutter handles

  • Integral die-cast color-frame holder with two accessory slots, and a top mounted, color-frame retainer

  • Steel yoke with two mounting positions

  • Positive locking double-clutch yoke

  • Slot for glass or stainless steel patterns

  • Wide accessory slot with sliding cover for motorized pattern devices or optional iris

  • UL and cUL Listed


  • 115-240V, 50/60Hz

  • High temperature three-conductor 36-inch leads in a glass fiber outer sleeve Supports ETC Dimmer DoublingTM technology

  • LAMP
  • 750W maximum

  • HPL compact tungsten filament contained in a krypton/ xenon-filled quartz envelope (see table for suitable lamp types)

  • Patented filament geometry makes for extremely efficient light collection and transmission

  • Integral die-cast aluminium heat-sink lamp base 


  • Re-optimized optical system for improved photometric performance and field uniformity

  • Two bi-convex lenses

  • faceted borosilicate reflector with dichroic cold mirror coating removes greater than 90% infrared radiation (heat) and reflects greater than 95% of visible light

  • Reflector secured with anti-vibration shock mounts

  • Lenses have anti-reflective coatings

  • Lenses secured with anti-vibration shock mounts

  • Low gate- and beam-temperature; shutters will not warp or distort

  • Tool-free, positive locking X, Y and Z lamp-centering adjustments, unaffected by relamping 

20,00 € HT